Born in the UK, Shivantha has lived in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Italy, Australia and the USA, has traveled to over 30 countries and has had 15 places he has called home. The Piano became his friend at age 8, until he picked up the guitar at 15. 'My baptism in music came when I was 16. I was invited to play percussion with the Colombo Philharmonic Orchestra' he states, citing the catalyst that forged him into the musician he is today. 'Watching the violins start here and the violas join there and the horn section jump in from over there...It just made sense to me'.

'Words From Not Long Ago started in my bedroom in Melbourne Australia and was crafted over time in many corners of the world and took many years from its inception to its completion', says Shivantha, (who not only wrote and arranged all the songs on the album, but also handled all the vocals, backing vocals, acoustic, electric, rhythm and lead guitars, as well as the string sections and some of the bass).

'I was lucky I was able to surround myself with great musicians who were not only older than I was, but better than me, and had more experience in life'. When most kids were out going to 18th birthday parties, he was at his friend Mark's place understanding the power of jamming, song writing and its place in his life.

His song ‘Fallen into You’ reached number #5 on Most requested songs for the year in Sri Lanka in 2005

This is not the beginning, but somewhere in the middle and there are many more chapters to write in this musical journey of his.



Joe Spinella - Drums

'I was born in a tin pan. Then I started hitting the pan with a stick. I never stopped'

- Joseph Michael Spinella. The consummate percussionist -

Dan Toyama - Bass

Dan has played music his whole life, and has handled not only a bass guitar, but a drum kit, hand drums and even guitar.

He has gigged in NY, Boston and Tokyo, and has played in several bands, ranging from rock and metal to reggae, ska, punk and house.

He is very happy to be here...